Saturday, March 21, 2009

Editorial in the Washington Post

Sunday, March 22, 2009, I'll have an editorial in the Washington Post: "5 Myths on Nuclear Power." It's amazing how fast this started generating a response - on Saturday, as soon as it was put on the website.

One knowledgeable reader emailed me to point out the error in the quote I included from President Harry Truman, at the keel-laying of the USS Nautilus in 1952. Truman said, in effect, that nuclear fission was what powered the sun. It is more accurate, as the reader pointed out to me, to say that nuclear fusion powers the sun. But Truman's point was that nuclear processes are a part of the natural world - the same point I was trying to make. And the quote was accurate, even if Truman's science was not.

For a writer that grew up in a family with several people in the newspaper business, being published in the Washington Post is a real thrill.

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