Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weird Interview on KSFR Santa Fe

Yesterday (3/11/09) I was interviewed by Diego Mulligan on Santa Fe public radio. He seemed to have booked me in the hopes that I would be an apologist for the nuclear power industry - a strange expectation, since my book centers around a fatal nuclear accident. I did say that I thought reasonable people should look at all power sources as trade offs, a balancing of risks and rewards, but Diego took this as too close to an endorsement of "Big Nuke."

It does seem like nuclear power is one of those things where people who are against it can't acknowledge anything remotely positive. Diego even contended that nuclear power has a big carbon footrprint - because of construction equipment, uranium mining, etc. I guess. He seemed to think that if we really wanted to, we could power everything with windmills and happy thoughts.

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